Saturday, 19 February 2011

I'm NOT a nutritionist, I'm a very naughty boy!

With apologies to Monty Python and Pål Jåbekk, whose recent blog post Kurt Harris, the messiah, the hype and the throwing of scales featured the sketch from Monty Python's Life of Brian (MPLOB) from which I got the title idea. Here's another clip from MPLOB which sums-up me these days...

I'm in an annoyingly (to some people) positive mood at the moment. Anyway, back to the subject.

On Friday 18th February, Jay (of Jay's Kitchen) described me as nutritionist to a customer. I pointed out that I am not, never have been and never will be a nutritionist. I do talk about diet & nutrition rather a lot, though. Sometimes, this can be a total turn-off, so I need to learn to shut my mouth before this happens.

For instance, I was talking to a very overweight & diabetic friend at karaoke on Thursday night after he mentioned that he had had multiple laser treatments for diabetic retinopathy. I pointed out that they can't laser kidneys back together when they fail due to excessively-high blood glucose. He mentioned a pile of daily medications that he had to take.

I mentioned Steve Cooksey and the fact that Steve had gone from fat & diabetic on a pile of daily medications to slim & non-diabetic on zero daily medications, and the fact that I had slimmed down and completely eliminated my glucose intolerance by using Vitamin D3, exercise & a low-carb diet. The 2nd & 3rd items in my list must have gone too far, as he got up to sing and when he finished singing, he sat somewhere else. He hasn't de-friended me on Facebook....yet!

Anyway, here's a link to How It Should Have Ended.

Here's the obligatory picture.

I posted the above picture because a) I used to really enjoy "The Good Life", b) I used to really fancy Felicity Kendall and c) Penelope Keith's character Margo had irony off to a fine art with "Well thank you very much!". Please note:-

In the US, "Thanks a bunch!" means "Thank you very much".
In the UK, "Thanks a bunch!" means what Margo meant.

By the way, I don't do irony. It usually goes right over my head and it doesn't work well in print without smilies. I'm not being ironic with what I just wrote. No, really. I'm not!


Kateryna said...

Sorry to hear about your friend Nigel. You can try and inform but basically people take responsibility for their action/inaction. It's sad. I've added Steve's blog to my list as it looks great.

Galina L. said...

Unfortunately, people have a tendency to treat a nutritional advice as an accusation.
I have a lady-friend whose mother is undergoing a chemotherapy for a lung cancer during the last 2.5 years. Now she almost reach the point when her treatment doesn't work . I tried to get my friend interested in learning more about incorporating a low-carb diet into her mom's treatment without any result.Believe me, I am not bombarding others with my message, but once in a while I encounter somebody really sick, like your fried, and then it is difficult to say nothing. People often perceive us who is interested in a nutritional approach to treating health issues as an obsessed nuts.

chmeee said...

Good to see you back and posting merrily and who cares what anyone slse thinks ! Manic be b*****d. I love that scene from LOB. In a moment of madness, I once sent a link to this scene to my boss - who is French and waa feeling very French, depressed and existential at the time. He loved it, and decided not to fire me. :) It is a classic, and bvery English. Keep 'em coming.

Nigel Kinbrum said...

Hi everyone,

If I was manic or even hypomanic, I'd get locked up! I'm just in a very good mood at the moment. When stercus accidit, I make the best of it and move on.

I provide information and everyone has a choice. Take it or leave it. My friend started the conversation by mentioning that he'd had some laser eye treatment. I asked him if he'd had a "flap & zap" for correcting blurred vision and he told me that it was for diabetic retinopathy. I will continue to share Steve Cooksey's links with my Facebook friends.

Steve Cooksey said...

It can be so frustrating to see the damage SAD causes...and not elicit change from people we know.

Thanks for the mention Nigel.

Keep sharing and caring. :)