Friday, 4 February 2011

Inflammation: Is omega-6 really to blame?

Take a look at Tripping Lightly Down the Prostaglandin Pathways.

Omega-6 pufas result in the production of Series 1 prostaglandins (anti-inflammatory) and Series 2 prostaglandins (inflammatory). Omega-3 pufas result in the production of Series 3 prostaglandins (anti-inflammatory).

Now, see Are diets high in omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids unhealthy?

"Insulin sensitivity might be the common factor relating disease to fatty acid metabolism — both within and between the fatty acid pathways. A high linoleate to arachidonate concentration occurs in insulin resistance, in diabetic complications and also in some tumours."

"Current epidemiological and clinical evidence supports the regular consumption of cold-water fish as part of a balanced diet, in which attention to lifestyle and the quantities eaten (to prevent obesity and the insulin resistance syndrome) may be more critical than the nature of the fatty acids consumed."

Do you see where I'm going with this? If you have insulin resistance, don't change your diet (low in carbs & avoiding omega-6) to suit the insulin resistance. Tackle the insulin resistance!

This isn't an open invitation to start guzzling high-pufa oils. Stick to oils that have been squeezed out of things that grow in hot climates. I include Extra-Virgin Olive Oil in this category. Check the label, as the pufa contents of different EVOOs vary. Solesta from Aldi contains only 6.6% pufas.

EDIT: In addition, your brain depends on omega-3 to function properly. Too much omega-6 can "fry" it. See Mental Health and Omega 3/6 Ratio, A New Review.

Vitamin D is anti-inflammatory. Fish oils are also anti-inflammatory.

I just spotted this on Anthony Colpo's Blog: The Adventures of Chris “Razzi” Razwell and Other Assorted Internet Psychos. Oh, my!

And finally: I made mum a CD of "Dare" by The Human League (I bought it in vinyl years ago) and played it on the CD/Record player in the lounge at the nursing home. She loved it and was moving her arms in time with the music. This is her favourite track from that album.


Galina L. said...

Good for Razwell, he is getting famous. Although, I don't like Antony Colpo , who behaved like a model internet troll on Dr.Eades blog himself .
Why worm climate oils? If I am not mistaken, olive oil is very close to a lard nutritionally (I am not criticizing lard).Unfortunately, I couldn't get used to the teste of a virgin olive oil.
I try to limit vegetable oils to a minimum,use walnut oil for salads, cook with a coconut oil, regularly consume grass-fed butter and get my fish oil from the canned in oil cod liver , which I buy from the local Russian store. Here, in USA, Russian stores are in every town and carry an amazing selection of reasonably priced full-fat deli items, not necessary Russian style, like delicious Greek goat cheese.

Nigel Kinbrum said...

Colpo's one of the good guys, but he doesn't suffer fools gladly! I've been following the Colpo/Eades feud. It's about whether calories count. Eades says that they don't (a la Taubes) whereas Colpo says that they do. I'm on Colpo's side.

The hotter the climate, the lower the pufa content of a vegetable oil. Olives grow in many countries, some hotter than others. The EVOO that I buy from Aldi has a pufa content of 6.6%, considerably lower than lard (~10%). I've had a bit of a row with Kurt Harris about this, hence this blog post. Harris is anti-EVOO and anti-lard. He would totally hate walnut oil, as that's a cold climate oil and therefore high in pufas.

Galina L. said...

I know, walnut oil is not perfect. I recently switch on it after affordable brand of avocado oil was discontinued without looking much into nutrient content. Thank you for diverting my attention into the right thing. There is still some disagreement about oils and fats between nutritional experts. Not at the scale of metabolic advantage, of course.
I appreciate you went into it with your post. Sometimes I guess, what if I am not insulin resistant now at the same degree as before. I am not terribly hungry now if I occasionally eat some carbs after I started experiencing with IF.

Nigel Kinbrum said...

Hi Galina,

You're using walnut oil as a garnish rather than drinking it straight from the bottle. If the oil tastes O.K, it's not rancid (oxidised). I've left Chris Kesser a comment asking about the effects of high-pufa diets, but I've not yet received a reply.

It's quite possible that you're less insulin resistant now than you were, if you've depleted your cells (and maybe also improved your Vitamin D status). If carbs don't make you feel lethargic (i.e. you don't get compensatory hyperinsulinaemia), that's a good sign.

Galina L. said...

Thank you for all your answers.