Sunday, 20 February 2011

You pusillanimous pipsqueak!

Who said that? To whom? Answer HERE.
We're all insignificant in the scheme of things. Here's another Eric Idle classic.

"And pray that there's intelligent life somewhere up in space, 'cause there's bugger-all down here on Earth." LOL.

Sometimes, I get the feeling that I'm invisible. I write about stuff and a few weeks later, people are arguing about stuff that I've written about. For instance...

What becomes Insulin Resistant first? Liver, Muscle or Fat-mass?
CarbSane says "Where does insulin resistance start? The adipose tissue."
Stephan Guyenet says "I'm not so sure that insulin resistance begins in adipose tissue."

So who's right? They both are. As Lyle McDonald says "It all depends." Referring to Insulin Resistance: Solutions to problems, whatever fills up first becomes IR first. Or have I got it all wrong? Comments, please!

Am I even more insignificant because I have an Engineering Degree but zero qualifications in the field of diet & nutrition? Dr Richard K Bernstein used to be an Engineer. He's done very well as a doctor.

Bearing in mind the title, I'd better put a picture of me below.


praguestepchild said...

It's a conspiracy, because they know we are better at thinking!!! (except for civil engineers, they don't actually count as engineers, anyway).

Nigel Kinbrum said...

In the Yellow Pages:-

Boring: See Civil Engineers.


Galina L. said...

Sorry, can't make substantial comments because I am recovering right now from the vision-correction surgery.
I am less concerned about how IR starts then what to do about it. My personal experience points away from muscles and adipose tissue as a IR starter points because active live-style doesn't prevent IR. IR starts with a hunger and energy fluctuations and macro-nutrients composition of a diet affects IR symptoms more then the level of physical activity. In my mind it points toward the liver or another component of the digestive system as a starter point of IR.
As an engineer, I could tell that out first priority is to make things work. Strangely, It is not so much as a priority for doctors.My husband is a scientist and he believes the engineers often don't go deep enough into the root of the problem and may accept less perfect solution then scientists.
There is some truth in his opinion. I sow some imperfect but working designs at my time.
To tell you the truth,I practice that approach when it comes to a weight loss or to the keeping the weight off - I try to do what works while understanding that I probably don't know 100 % why it works.

Nigel Kinbrum said...

IR caused by hypovitaminosis D can't be prevented/cured by an active lifestyle.

IR in skeletal muscle that is full of glycogen due to a high-carb, high-calorie diet can't be emptied by an active lifestyle. You need to run a marathon to empty muscle glycogen stores.

IR in the liver is caused by
a) eating too much carbs and/or fructose.
b) chronically-raised serum NEFAs from full fat cells due to being too fat.

Which happens first depends on a person's circumstances.

Galina L. said...

I am not sure you are right about the volume of the glycogen storage . Right now I try not to read much - just checking e-mails and couple of blogs, and I am not able to give you all links for that reason. As far as I know, we have enough glycogen in storage to provide us with ~600 k cal worth of energy. Usually it is enough to lasts ~1,5 hour of intensive exercise. I remember very well that famous "hitting the wall" sensation after treadmill+Zumba combination,when I was really serious about fighting raising weight with hours of cardio. I promice to find links later.

Nigel Kinbrum said...

Hi Galina,

An average liver can store about 70g of glycogen.

Average muscles can store about 400g of glycogen. Trained muscles can store more using glycogen supercompensation (depletion followed by a massive carb load).

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