Friday, 4 March 2011

It's not Friday the 13th, but...

My car broke down this morning. It started, then died and the engine isn't firing at all. I made some phone calls, as I was supposed to be visiting mum today. Oh, poo!

Update: Car fixed! The engine management had flooded the engine with petrol. The exact same thing happened many years ago with my previous car after I started the engine so that I could move the car a few feet to allow someone to move their vehicle. The cure back then was to crank the engine for a minute with the throttle fully depressed. I tried that, but the battery in my MX-5 is old and the weather was cold, so it started to flag after about 10 seconds. A chap from Yateley MOT Centre jump-started it, for no call-out charge. That's Yateley MOT Centre Ltd, 19 Plough Rd, Yateley, GU46 7UW 01252 876231.

While waiting for a call from my local garage, I thought I'd do a spot of surfing on t'interwebs. I clicked on a PubMed link and got a blank page with the title "backend-exception Exception from Backend: bePfetch (%23PmXmlSrv): TxClient+was+unable+to+resolve+%23PmXmlSrv - PubMed result".

As I'm getting a lot of visits from people Googling the above helpful message, here's my expert opinion on the problem (as an ex-Engineer): Oh, f*ck. The f*cking f*cker's f*cked!

Update: PubMed fixed!

On a completely different subject, here's a video clue to a home improvement that I've just had installed.

Here's a picture clue.

Any ideas?

The answer is...

The Feed In Tariff (which increases by 5% each year) is currently 43.3p per kWh generated, plus 3.1p per kWh exported to the grid. There's also a saving of approximately 13.5p per kWh on electricity not used from the grid. This figure is approximate, as there are two tariffs for electricity used from the grid depending on the number of kWh used.


praguestepchild said...


Nigel Kinbrum said...

Errrm.... NO!

lightcan said...

I don't understand the error message. What do your sun panels have to do with your broadband that comes through the telephone line? unless somebody damaged the cable when they worked on the house?

Nigel Kinbrum said...

The error message was due to a fault on PubMed's server in the US and had nothing to do with my broadband internet or my solar panels.

Everybody who tried to read PubMed abstracts got the same error message, which is why they Googled it and found my blog.

lightcan said...

Of course it has to do with the server and you pointing out that other people had the same message points to that, but then why did you have to put two different pictures of your house as a clue?
Anyway, talking about flu or viruses doing the rounds. What is the flu? I don't remember having one. The last time I had a respiratory infection it was a few years ago, when I had a dry cough for about three weeks, which means secondary infection from a cold. And I have two small kids in school.
I suppose high lp a and cholesterol is good for something.
Knock on wood, obviously not catching a new vicious mutant is a bonus.

lightcan said...

you said 'a different subject'. I'm always cutting corners and this is what I get. Double the work and the frustration. No pat on the back this time only a slap.

Nigel Kinbrum said...

I added "on a completely different subject" as it wasn't 100% clear that I'd completely changed the subject to that of a home improvement I had fitted.

I do tend to go off at a tangent!

Gareth said...

Hi I notice you have had solatricity panels fitted what did you think of the company/fitters, are they any good, and how have you found the kWhr return during the summer. We have had a quote from these guys but cant find much in the way of commentary about the company other than one blog that says they are not mcs regulated PV system which has now got us worried.

Nigel Kinbrum said...

Hi Gareth,

The scaffolders, installers & electrician did a good job. So far, the 1.35kW system is working O.K. I received a FIT payment of £227 as of 22nd June, and I reduced my electricity bill by ~£30. Could do with more sun!

Solatricity sub-contract to Ecosparx Ltd. If I'd done more research, I wouldn't have used Solatricity, as they are quite expensive.