Friday, 11 March 2011

Will the real methylglyo*al please stand up?

Firstly, a music video. I don't like Eminem that much, but my God-daughter Kerrie does and I love her to bits, so this one's for you hun! ;-D

A new substance just made an appearance on the internets. It's methylglyoacal (MG). It sounds rather a lot like methylglyoxal (MG).

I did a Google search for methylglyoacal. Did I mean...?

I did a PubMed search for methylglyoacal. Did I mean...?

The information originated from Pharmacology researchers link high-carb diet to Type 2 diabetes.

On the University of Saskatchewan's site, Dr. Kaushik Desai's Research Interests states: "Role of methylglyoxal (a byproduct of glucose metabolism) in oxidative stress, hypertension and insulin resistance." In his publications list, methylglyoxal is mentioned many times. I emailed Mark Ferguson, asking:

"Dear Mr Ferguson,
Is there a new substance called Methylglyoacal? Or is it a mis-print of methylglyoxal - twice?
Regards, Nigel Kinbrum."

To which I received the reply:

"Hello Nigel,
I'm going to go with the answer "no" … But we are looking into it.
Thanks for the head up."

The information in the above link was edited. At 02:21 on 11th March 2011, it still contained the word methylglyoacal. By 19:00 on 11th March 2011, it had changed to methylglyoxal.


Paul Jaminet said...

The scientists use methylglyoxal in their papers, e.g.

So if it's a new compound, it uses the same name as the old compound!

Nigel Kinbrum said...

Hi Paul,

It's looking more & more like a typing or OCR error. What I don't understand is why MG is suddenly in the news. It's been known about for years and is naturally elevated in ketogenic diets, as it spares glucose.

People have jumped on methylglyoacal as a "bad thing" caused by high-carb diets, but MG on high-carb diets is minimal UNLESS glycogen stores become full.

If this happens, a cell must downregulate glycolysis (using MG) & glucose input to prevent excess pyruvate from accumulating. This of course results in Insulin Resistance. MG is just doing its job!

Anonymous said...

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