Thursday, 16 February 2012

Bias, Part 2.

I know what I like! Here's Genesis from their "Seconds Out" concert.

If you like/trust somebody/some organisation, they can do no wrong. Everything that they say/do is interpreted in the best possible light.

If you dislike/distrust somebody/some organisation, they can do no right. Everything that they say/do is interpreted in the worst possible light.

I like/trust people. I give people the benefit of the doubt. Three strikes and they're out, though! Ditto for tradespeople and small businesses. To minimise the chance of getting ripped-off, I use personal recommendations and sites like

I don't dislike large organisations, but I don't trust them. I consider big businesses to be soulless money-making machines, and governments to be incompetent and/or corrupt (to varying degrees) people-ruling machines.

This post is also about arguments on the internet. My plea is this:-
Please support your likes/trusts and dislikes/distrusts with evidence if at all possible. If you want to get rid of something that you dislike/distrust, please suggest a workable alternative.


chmeee said...

I think I largely agree with you. Damn !

I also tend to follow Ronald Reagan's dictum: 'Trust, but verify.'

Nigel Kinbrum said...


LeonRover said...

I guess I am less forgiving than you.

Strike one; pleasant warning.
Strike two; OUT.

My accountant uncle lived by Roosevelt's dictum: "Talk softly, but carry a big stick.

One of my Director's said of me: " Leon has the ability to be charmingly uncooperative".

He should have added: "But don't get in his face".

Trust? The product, person, organisation earns my trust by supplying by "what's on the tin".

Reagan reverses that arrow.
Wishes a model of "Trust me, I'm a politician, doctor, lawyer, expert . . . . "
Jesu swept.

Nigel Kinbrum said...

I'm very forgiving on a personal level. I've lost count of the times I've been screwed-over by people. I'm too easy-going for my own good. Maybe I just have a very short memory for bad experiences with people.

You reminded me of Siegfried Farnon's PNS system for collecting unpaid bills (from James Herriot's stories).
1) Polite letter.
2) Nasty letter.
3) Solicitor's letter.

I'm very cooperative, but I don't always get the job done due to me being in a dream world half the time. My left brain doesn't believe in Astrology woo, but my right brain does. I am typically Pisces. Sometimes Pie-sees, sometimes Piss-keys! Oh, the inner conflict!

George Henderson said...

Thing about us Pisces -
wherever we're going, there's always one fish going the other way.

Here's another idea; if you don't agree with a hypothesis, think it can be falsified, but can't think of a satisfactory alternative, why not try modifying it?

Nigel Kinbrum said...

@George: I'm not in a position where I can do an experiment to falsify someone's hypothesis. I don't understand what you mean about modifying it.