Friday, 17 February 2012

O.K. people. Move along. There's nothing to see here.

Certain bloggers have been getting themselves and their readers aerated over the story of the USDA taking away a four year old girl's packed lunch and making her eat chicken nuggets instead.

What actually happened...

NC school: Teacher's mistake at school lunch led to upset calls of government meddling and A North Carolina Non-Troversy?

Somebody cocked-up. That's all. O.K. people. Move along. There's nothing to see here. See also Bias, Part 2.


Seth said...

The bullshit "requirements" are still in place however. Why should my child require a grain? A milk? Particularly when said milk is likely to be skim, or low-fat chocolate nonsense, when issued by the school official. It's really creepy.

Nigel Kinbrum said...

Are they bullshit requirements, or bullshit recommendations?

The girl would have been allowed to eat her packed lunch (+ an additional glass of milk) had things been done correctly.

Skim(med) and/or chocolate milk isn't ideal, but it's a damned sight better than fizzy pop & candy bars.

Kade (Storm) said...

Heh. This will only fuel the same right-wing propaganda of the Stalinist Straw Man dictum that the Republicans more or less advertise openly without shame. Yeah, government -- ba~d/dirty filthy commies; private world -- go~od/Jesus manifested!

Here's a funny story. I went to private school. Because I am lanky, I got bullied by one of my intrusive teachers over lunch who insisted on taking my lunch money (coupons) and picking what I got to eat. I couldn't force my way through his attempts, and had my parents complain to the administrative office, only to have them and my parents mutually agree that the man's heart was in the right place and that I might not suffer from his intervention, and they did have some policy that children's meals are to by monitored if there is a valid cause for concern. Low and behold, he got a license to continue his intrusion for another year. . . sponsored by my own parents this time around. Harty f'n har! Here's what's interesting: it actually helped.

Yeah, as if private enterprise and interest groups never use their own methods of manipulation and appeal to twist and contort the audience or those subject to their whimsy.

I totally agree with Nigel's post regarding biases, be them for or against any kind of institution. Most elements are subject to corruption, whether they're private or public -- all authorities and institutions are extensions of people. . . individuals. There's no alien element of specific malice involved.

I think the biggest failure in this simplistic argument between left versus right is the apathy of the masses and this quick-fix desire to brand one paradigm as absolute good while the other as absolute evil.

Galina L. said...

We eat a home-cooked food at home all the time, no juice,soda, cookies,cakes, candies, chips, but I always had a policy that outside my house members of my family could eat any crap they wish because it doesn't matter, convenient for me and less socially awkward. But it was my decision , not inflicted on me by somebody, and it makes a difference. My son kept receiving lunch money until he rebelled and required from me a lunch box for school because his father got one daily with a rare exception(they don't have normal places to eat around his place of work). From time to time my husband eats some cakes and cookies at work - it is up to him. My son in university now and decided to eat a paleo-style diet - not a LC version, his eczema went much better. My husband is unhappy that our son caught from me my odd interest to healthy food.

Nigel Kinbrum said...

You did the right thing. Giving kids decent food when they're at home means that they have less interest in eating crap when they're not at home. If only every parent was like you!

Why is an interest in healthy food considered odd? Why is your husband unhappy about it (bearing in mind that your son is healthier because of it)? Questions, questions!

Galina L. said...

My husbandd thinks young people should not have too much interest in eating healthy food because it may interfere with other priorities , besides he doesn't believe wheat could be too harmful. In my husband's mind extra exercise and getting enough sleep will mediate almost everything.
I think he worries about a balance because when people are concentrated on one thing they have tendency to neglect other important components. It is often the case with healthy eaters - they think about nothing else, and young people could easily get dogmatic. I think there is some reason in it.

Nigel Kinbrum said...

Health is more important than anything else. Wheat may not be a problem.

Galina L. said...

We mostly eat home cooked meals because it is what we were used to, also price and convenience. When we came to Canada, we started to buy and eat frozen food and fast food, but the novelty weared out pretty soon. Buying just meat, veggies, butter, potatoes, rice is cheaper than getting all different kinds of snacks and soft drinks. It is a legend that cooking takes hours. Most of the time it is quicker than going to buy food, 20 - 30 minuts. I didn't keep any snacks and candies at home because in that case my son would eat nothing else, besides I was on one diet or another all my adult life and tried to limit personal temptations. When I told my husband there were people here who thought they could loose weight buy eating home-cooked food, he coldn't believe me. The demonization of a fast food is an American thing. He thinks the universal panacea is an exercise. Surprise for you - my husband also sure all depressions and anxieties could be treated with doing enough of cardio. He is a very well educated chemist with PHD, there is even chemical reaction named after him. I used to consider cardio as a panacea all my life, I still thin there is a very important tool for keeping health in a good shape.

Galina L. said...

Actually, I buy that "gluten is problematic" theory especially for people with autoimmune issues, together with O6 oils. My sons says avoiding gluten helps him the most out of all dietary changes with an eczema. Sometimes I eat out of my diet for social reason and wheat gives me my leg edema back for couple days. It is individual, but worth watching. Many modern deceases have an autoimmunity connection.

I posted a little bit too much, now I going back to life chores away from my computer for a while.

Nigel Kinbrum said...

I believe that gluten, casein & other hard-to-digest proteins cause problems due to excessive gut permeability (a.k.a. leaky gut) which lets through partially-digested peptide chains, which trigger the production of inappropriate antibodies.

As too much O6 increases gut permeability (along with hypovitaminosis D), avoiding high-O6 oils is a good idea.