Friday, 9 March 2012

Don't you wish you were as smart as the Finns?

The title is blatant plagiarism from Don’t You Wish You Were As Smart as Lyle McDonald?

Firstly, Lyle McDonald is very, very smart indeed. So smart that Richard Nikoley now accepts the fact that, where weight gain/loss is concerned, calories count.

Secondly, there's a video being promulgated by government-haters. Here it is:-

I have two questions for the government-haters.

1) Who funds money-pits such as Accident & Emergency services?
2) Who funds money-pits such as Social Security?

Finland has a Socialist Democracy with minimal corruption. Finland runs like clockwork and, apart from depression caused by a lack of you-know-what, Finns are basically happy. In fact:-

In other news, the chief carer on mum's floor told me that mum recognised me and my sister in the pictures on the wall in her room. My chattiness has stimulated her brain!


Marie Curious said...

I don't seem to get it. What's the point of either supporting or hating 'government'? Ever since the agricultural revolution, with the emergence of significant personal and public property ("infrastructure"), there has been some type of government. Everywhere, without exception. That's the evidence. For protection, at it's most basic. For administering pooled resources, at it's best.
The only choice seems to be, try to make it at least partly work for you, like the Finns!, which takes engagement, aka thought and effort, or submit to dictatorship/tyranny. IS there anything else? (not being rhetorical...)

Nigel Kinbrum said...

Hi Marie,

I wish I had your way with words! I'm glad you commented in Richard's blog, as I sometimes don't express myself well.

Cheers, Nige

Marie Curious said...

Not likely! But thank you :-)

Kade (Storm) said...

Or Sweden, or Norway. . . I got a bias for Sweden, but the point remains that Scandinavian Social Democracies have an established system with a sense of civic order that just cannot be touched with this government-phobic twitch that is often seen across the pond.

It's gone beyond factual issues and into this baseless and extremist twist on things, with an incestuous love for selective quoting of Austrian economics and Ayn Rand.

Society and civilisation are a delicate balance. Governments and institutions are an extension of the individuals that encompass that balance. To perceive a complex progressive collective as anything otherwise is asinine. To assume that a superior Alien race -- which might even possess psychological collective thinking -- is somehow a confused Anarchist at the sight of human affairs is outright regressive thinking. If it's an anarchist alien, it's probably still living in the wild west and obsessed about its private property rather than exploring the universe.