Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Google giggles.

If it's good enough for CarbSane, it's good enough for me!

Somebody found my blog by Googling for:-

nigeepoo idiocy

It's probably due to the ongoing discussions about politics! ;-p

In other news, I noticed that another four rooms on mum's floor (high-dependence) of the care home no longer had names by the doors. This means that another four old folk just died. That's five deaths on mum's floor in one week.

Mum was on good form on Monday. I gave her somebody's thrown-away Daily Mail (don't shoot me!) and she enjoyed looking through it, though I had to turn the pages for her. She managed to read some words out loud and even recognised Dustin Hoffman in a picture.

I supplied the nurse with an unopened bottle of Seven Seas high-strength fish oil and an unopened tub of Epsom Salts with instructions on daily dosage.

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