Thursday, 15 March 2012

Move More: You are NOT going to believe this! Part 2.

At mum's care home on Wednesday, the activities ladies held a tai-chi session for the residents, as movement is good for their muscles and well-being. They roped me in as well. Mum was reading a Henley-on-Thames leaflet so she didn't join-in.

Tai-chi is harder than it looks! Mum noticed that I was waving my arms about in a graceful manner and stopped reading the leaflet. She looked slightly bemused (as would you if you saw what I was doing) and started smiling.

It was also somebody's birthday, so we all sang "Happy birthday to you" to him and gave him three "hip-hip hoorays" followed by a round of applause.

To the astonishment of the activities ladies, mum started to clap her hands. 5,000iu/day of Vitamin D3 + me being chatty, For The Win!

The nurse on duty also had a chat with me about the best way to give mum 10ml/day of fish oil and 2.5ml/day of Epsom Salts. She later told me that mum swallowed the fish oil without any problems (mum loves smoked salmon) and swallowed the Epsom Salts dissolved in a cup of juice without any problems either.

In other news, I now have a Blackberry 8900. This blog looks rather different when displayed on a tiny screen.

EDIT: I now ache all over!


praguestepchild said...

Glad to hear your mother is doing better, Nigel.

I was messing around with tai-chi a couple years ago and it is definitely harder than it looks. You are mostly crouching so there's a lot of quad work and there's a lot of concentration involved in trying to learn and incorporate the moves.

Nigel Kinbrum said...

I was sitting, as was everybody else. It still stretched my leg muscles when I lifted my knees, then extended my legs.

The slow movement made the whole experience more exhausting, a bit like Fred Hahn's Super-Slow Training!

The accompanying music by some opera singer whose name I've forgotten was nice and relaxing, though.

praguestepchild said...

Yeah that makes sense, not so easy to crouch at that age. Still for me the most interesting thing was how much concentration it took to learn the moves and transitions. But I just spent a few weeks on it at home and I think I tried to cram in too much too fast. I really ought to give it a retry and be more zen about it.

lightcan said...

Hi Nige,

glad to hear your mum is doing great. Tai chi is hard.
I see you're back posting, good as well.
I wanted to let you know I finished my Ph.D. My viva is in about 3 months from now, so it doesn't mean yet anything, but it's good to have a bit of free time and it's a huge relief.
BTW,I wanted to ask you 2 questions. Do you know why do people on low carb diets lose more weight than those on low fat (I suppose isocaloric)
What's the story with the insulin hypothesis of obesity? I see Dr. Briffa published yet another book based on high PP insulin leads to fat deposition and to insulin resistance.

Nigel Kinbrum said...

Hi Simona! Long time, no post.
"BTW,I wanted to ask you 2 questions. Do you know why do people on low carb diets lose more weight than those on low fat (I suppose isocaloric)"
You suppose wrong-ish. Free-living people consume fewer calories on low-carb diets, due to them having more stable blood glucose levels, which reduces CI.

In addition, the lack of large postprandial insulin spikes reduces postprandial lethargy. Adrenaline levels are also higher on LC diets. Therefore, LC dieters are subconsciously more active, which increases CO.

"What's the story with the insulin hypothesis of obesity? I see Dr. Briffa published yet another book based on high PP insulin leads to fat deposition and to insulin resistance."
Dr Briffa is still in Gary Taubes' CIH camp. Insulin does have something to do with fatness, but not in the way that Gary Taubes et al think. See How stuff works, Part 2.

I no longer need to restrict dietary carbohydrates. I'm so busy doing things that I can eat whatever I like and still get slimmer (I'm not pigging-out on Crap-in-a-bag!). My weight is pretty constant so I reckon that I'm losing body-fat and gaining muscle mass.

lightcan said...

So you're saying it's because they're more active and eat less than they report? These were not VLC, at min 30%.
Is it bc LC is better for insulin resistance?
You don't really know how high PP insulin is for somebody, if they don't have diagnosed IR, or you think being fat is enough for that.

Nigel Kinbrum said...

Low-carb diets reduce wild fluctuations in serum glucose & insulin in IR people. That's all there is to it.

I used to fall asleep after eating carby meals when I was 9 years old. I no longer do this and I'm much more active than I used to be, even though I'm eating Burgen Soya & Linseed bread with Aldi 75% fruit jam, also sweet & white potatoes, pasta & rice.

IR has many causes. Stephan has blogged about them, as have I.

Galina L. said...

After you attempted zumba, I would believe in anything!
Gongrats on your mom feeling better. It is always some room for an improvement!

I started to do tai-chi 6 months ago. I guess it is relaxing for the reason you can't think about anything else because it is necessary to be concentrated so much on movements and breathing.
It is great the staff in your mom's place teach residents that ancient art.

julie said...

There's a few places around town where very old Chinese people do tai-chi together in the mornings, and it looks very easy, maybe next time I'll sit and watch a few minutes. I've been realizing recently that I can eat all sorts of things, (though also not crap-in-a-bag) and if I'm not overeating, I'll very slowly lose weight (down 60, 10 to go). However, I'm active, both gym and lifestyle, maybe low-carb works best for sedentary people, it makes me feel like crap. Maybe if one routinely uses their glycogen and blood glucose, insulin spikes aren't so important.

Glad to hear that your mom is improving some, and glad you're back to blogging again.

Galina L. said...

Julie, I have been physically active all my live, partially, because it was how I deal with allergies, especially asthma. Low carbohydrate diet suits me very well. I don't need asthma medications and don't have seasonal flues and all sort of infections after I started the diet Nov.2007. In order to exercise successfully in the fasted state, I had to be adapted to it first. I also lost more than 30 lb of weight.