Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Reasons to get off low-fat diets...

Part 1. Increased risk of Coronary Heart Disease due to a lack of gamma-tocopherol in the diet. See Antioxidant state and mortality from coronary heart disease in Lithuanian and Swedish men: concomitant cross sectional study of men aged 50.

See 300 foods highest in Gamma Tocopherol per 100g serving. Low-fat dieters are discouraged from eating foods high in fat. There is no gamma-tocopherol in most Vitamin E supplements. There is gamma-tocopherol in nuts & seeds. Only use Vitamin E supplements that contain mixed tocopherols.

Ditto for beta-carotene, found in coloured veggies and poorly absorbed without dietary fat.
Ditto for lycopene, found in tomatoes and poorly absorbed without dietary fat.

Part 2. Increased risk of tooth decay due to a lack of Vitamin K2. If you listen to Denise Minger's talk, starting at 8 minutes in, she discusses her poor oral health at a young age brought on by a lack of Vitamin K2. Richard Nikoley also discusses the effect of Vitamin K2 on his oral health.

See Vitamin K.

Part 3. Increased risk of gallbladder disease when losing weight. This applies to people (particularly Fair Fat Females in their Forties) who are losing weight rapidly, as this concentrates cholesterol in their bile. I find it rather odd that some people are obsessed with doing exercise, but they fail to exercise their gallbladders by eating at least 5 grams of fat in a meal.

See The Protein-Sparing Modified Fast (PSMF).


Anonymous said...

Hi, Nigel

Have you discussed the failure of low fat diets for heart disease prevention with your doctor? What did he or she say? Do you recommend all patients bring this to their attention?

Nigel Kinbrum said...

No. I rarely see my GP and when I do, I rarely discuss diet with him. He knows that I'm on a lowish carb diet and that I take various supps and he has no problem with it, as my weight & bloods are fine.