Tuesday, 1 May 2012

What's going on?

Blatant music video alert!

I've had a cold so I haven't been blogging. I still went out almost every night gallivanting, taking only 4 x 2 Aspirin 300mg a day for three days. I just had a headache & muscle pains, so I wasn't coughing or sneezing over anybody. I avoided kissing mum goodbye so that she wouldn't catch what I had. Anyway, a week has passed and the huge amount of snot being produced by my body in an attempt to flush out bacteria has subsided, so here I am. My problem is that there's nothing much for me to to report. The bloggers in my blog list are producing new information. I spend some time each day reading those blogs. I occasionally add new blogs to the list. There are now 50 blogs in the list.

The world appears to be as full of f*ck-wits as it was when I last posted, based on people's appalling driving skills & poor vehicle maintenance (e.g. misaligned headlights that dazzle me at night or one dead headlight).

Are there many people sitting in baths of ice-cold water to try to live a bit longer? Sod that! I'd rather die young. It makes me want to say:-

World, I am Disappoint

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Kade Storm said...

Freezing oneself to live longer, eh?

I am of the belief that looking fresh, vibrant, and metabolically thriving usually maintains many of those youthful aspects of being young, which should in theory assist with longevity. But of course, most of the proponents of the conventional theory argue that we burn out quickly. Still, I am not fully convinced that this is the only means to live longer.

While I don't have the evidence, I do believe that there could be a way to live longer, thrive, and have the kind of healthy and active metabolism that keeps us looking relatively good for our age while helping us combat those chronic conditions and diseases that normally do bring about decline and eventual death.

Here's to hopeless optimism. . . and Ray Peat! [InsertTrollFace. . . or not.]