Thursday, 22 March 2012

Do not exceed the recommended intake/dosage.

The above warning is on mum's fish oil and on all supplements. The recommended daily intake (RDI) for Seven Seas fish oil for adults & children over 12 is 10ml/day, or 1 capsule/day if in capsules.
1 capsule contains 360mg of EPA+DHA.

Seven Seas fish oil must be dangerous stuff!

Here's some perspective. A small can (213g) of wild Alaskan red salmon contains 14g of fish oil and 1.9g of EPA+DHA. That's 533% the amount you get in one capsule of Seven Seas fish oil. There are no warnings on small cans of wild Alaskan red salmon to not eat more than a fifth of a can a day. I usually eat a whole can at a time. My brain really likes this. See Guess who didn't look after his brain?

For breakfast, I sometimes eat ten Brazil nuts and ten prunes washed down with a milky coffee. Ten Brazil nuts contain ~4,000ug of selenium. That's about 1,000% the RDI for selenium. However, I'm not showing any symptoms of selenium toxicity.

EDIT: I may be showing one symptom. Somebody told me that I smelled slightly of garlic. I had eaten a lot of raw onion on liver pate earlier that day and I was giving off a smell of onion. This has happened before.

Moral of the story: Get nutrients from foods wherever possible.


Kade (Storm) said...

I never saw the big deal about getting ample nutrition from real food sources without the added stigma of 'too little' or 'too much'. It's not like or ancestors were busy rationing grams and cuts of quality meats as though they were expensive cocaine off of the black market.

Fish is good. Eat it. Enjoy the nutritional benefits and stop worrying.

But oh teh PUFA. It'll wreck my brain and I'll end up stage diving from the top of a three story building.

Galina L. said...

At the beginning of March I started to use a Fitday and was amazed by the exceeding every day the RDA amount of selenium when I consume a moderate amount (50 - 80 grams) of animal-based protein during a day.

I consume pastured butter and some days Kerry-gold cheese in order to get vit.K2. In the Weston Price book he didn't advocate consumption of huge amount of pastured butter to get health benefits. I also buy in Russian store in the city I live now in Florida cans of cod liver in cod oil and eat 1 tsp a day. - is the link to the book, but I don't remember the chapter.