Monday, 21 March 2011

New beginnings, cot'd.

As a result of New beginnings. , I've demolished my wall and I now want to start a new relationship. I've got a lot of love to give and I want to find that special lady to give it to. Here's the ideal music video.

I won't be blogging so much in future.

P.S. Mum had a Mini Mental State Examination today. She got a score of 12 (out of 28 things that she was physically capable of). 6 months ago, she got a score of 9 (out of 27 things that she was physically capable of). Ketogenic Diet For The Win.

She'll be tested again next year. I found out on Wednesday 23rd March that she is being given 5,000iu/day of D3. I didn't expect that to happen.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Being Human.

I recommend this TV series to UK readers. Series 3 is available on iPlayer until 20th March 2011. The last episode was utterly gripping and it had me in tears of laughter one minute and in tears of sadness the next. I've started to sing as I walk down the street. Being human again is great. That is all.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Get in!

Here's a music video.

Remember Polite Requests? Well, yesterday at mum's nursing home, the nurse in charge called my name. She sounded rather stern, so I thought that I was going to get a slapped wrist for talking too loudly again (as I do, because I'm a bit deaf). But no!

She said that I hadn't done anything wrong. She wanted to talk about mum's Vitamin D blood test result. My eyes lit up. She said that the result had been "temporarily mislaid" (whatever that means), but that they had now found it and it was "normal" at 98nmol/L (RR 50-200nmol/L). Divide by 2.5 to convert into ng/mL. I said that I already knew this as I had spoken to Dr F**'s secretary.

She then said with a smirk "Dr F** knows what you're like (I also smirked) and has agreed that mum can have a serum Vitamin D level of around 125nmol/L. He said to buy some of this." She handed me a piece of paper with the word "cholecalciferol" written on it.

What should have happened: I put my left hand into my right inside jacket pocket and whipped out a tub of Healthy Origins, Vitamin D3, 5,000 IU, 360 Softgels (use discount code NIG935 to get $5 off the first order. Standard shipping $4) with flair and panache.

What actually happened: The pot snagged on something and I had to tug on it for about five seconds to get it out.

I then handed the pot to the nurse and told her to get on with it. Job done!

Friday, 11 March 2011

Both Sides Now: Emotions

The original post vanished for no apparent reason, so I have recreated it from memory.

I used to be like in the following music video:-

"And a rock feels no pain. And an island never cries." This is not a good way to go through life.

I've now completely torn down my "wall" and am experiencing emotions again. Some are really good and some are really bad. I've got years of repressed grief bottled up and the following Elton John song is a great way to blub it out:-

Ditto for this Adele song:-

And this one:-

"I can't spend my whole life hiding my heart away."

Will the real methylglyo*al please stand up?

Firstly, a music video. I don't like Eminem that much, but my God-daughter Kerrie does and I love her to bits, so this one's for you hun! ;-D

A new substance just made an appearance on the internets. It's methylglyoacal (MG). It sounds rather a lot like methylglyoxal (MG).

I did a Google search for methylglyoacal. Did I mean...?

I did a PubMed search for methylglyoacal. Did I mean...?

The information originated from Pharmacology researchers link high-carb diet to Type 2 diabetes.

On the University of Saskatchewan's site, Dr. Kaushik Desai's Research Interests states: "Role of methylglyoxal (a byproduct of glucose metabolism) in oxidative stress, hypertension and insulin resistance." In his publications list, methylglyoxal is mentioned many times. I emailed Mark Ferguson, asking:

"Dear Mr Ferguson,
Is there a new substance called Methylglyoacal? Or is it a mis-print of methylglyoxal - twice?
Regards, Nigel Kinbrum."

To which I received the reply:

"Hello Nigel,
I'm going to go with the answer "no" … But we are looking into it.
Thanks for the head up."

The information in the above link was edited. At 02:21 on 11th March 2011, it still contained the word methylglyoacal. By 19:00 on 11th March 2011, it had changed to methylglyoxal.

Friday, 4 March 2011

It's not Friday the 13th, but...

My car broke down this morning. It started, then died and the engine isn't firing at all. I made some phone calls, as I was supposed to be visiting mum today. Oh, poo!

Update: Car fixed! The engine management had flooded the engine with petrol. The exact same thing happened many years ago with my previous car after I started the engine so that I could move the car a few feet to allow someone to move their vehicle. The cure back then was to crank the engine for a minute with the throttle fully depressed. I tried that, but the battery in my MX-5 is old and the weather was cold, so it started to flag after about 10 seconds. A chap from Yateley MOT Centre jump-started it, for no call-out charge. That's Yateley MOT Centre Ltd, 19 Plough Rd, Yateley, GU46 7UW 01252 876231.

While waiting for a call from my local garage, I thought I'd do a spot of surfing on t'interwebs. I clicked on a PubMed link and got a blank page with the title "backend-exception Exception from Backend: bePfetch (%23PmXmlSrv): TxClient+was+unable+to+resolve+%23PmXmlSrv - PubMed result".

As I'm getting a lot of visits from people Googling the above helpful message, here's my expert opinion on the problem (as an ex-Engineer): Oh, f*ck. The f*cking f*cker's f*cked!

Update: PubMed fixed!

On a completely different subject, here's a video clue to a home improvement that I've just had installed.

Here's a picture clue.

Any ideas?

The answer is...

The Feed In Tariff (which increases by 5% each year) is currently 43.3p per kWh generated, plus 3.1p per kWh exported to the grid. There's also a saving of approximately 13.5p per kWh on electricity not used from the grid. This figure is approximate, as there are two tariffs for electricity used from the grid depending on the number of kWh used.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Pru, it's kicking off!

Firstly, here's the video to go with the title...

As a nerd, I can be irritating. I often play Devil's Advocate when I read something that I think is unfair. So when I felt that Dr Harris was being unfair to Olive Oil, I just had to leave the following two-part comment (the second part was in reply to somebody else's comment).

My Aldi EVOO has a pufa content of only 6.6%. That's a lower percentage than lard (from grain-fed pigs). I use a "splash" (~10ml) for cooking (0.66g of pufas).
P.S. Can you please move "Log in" to the top. I keep forgetting where it is!
P.P.S. RE Ketogenic Diets for Epilepsy, Dementia etc: Branched chain amino acids (e.g. Whey protein) are a good adjunct. See Branched chain amino acids as adjunctive therapy to ketogenic diet in epilepsy: pilot study and hypothesis."

Dr Harris replied...

"Hi NIgel
I am not sure what your point is. I don't advocate lard either so why compare your EVOO to it?
Even if it is really "only" 7% it is unopposed linoleic acid and heavier in unsaturated MUFA than animal fats, which have more SFA. And of course Olive Oil CAN be much higher than this in n-6, up to 20%.
And why not compare it to pastured butter which is 2% n-6 and 2% n-3 in perfect balance, and is cheaper on a caloric basis?
Olive oil is still a TemPO in my world - more n-6 than necessary, no useful n-3 and not enough LCSFA.
But obviously you can eat whatever you want. It sounds like you are using it as a condiment anyway. My point is don't make a staple or cook with it and I stand by that."

Unfortunately, when I posted my above comment, it ended up in the wrong blog post due to the site freezing and me refreshing the page. I requested that my comment be moved, as the second part of it was in reply to a comment elsewhere. Request denied.

As I mentioned in my nerd post, body language = Double-Dutch. There was a subtle hint above. I completely missed it! I emailed Dr Harris.

My reply didn’t have a point – I just felt like mentioning that the EVOO that I buy isn’t particularly high in n-6. I always thought that OO was ~10% pufas. The reply was supposed to be to There is No Such Thing as a Macronutrient Part I – Fats as it contained a link about BCAAs enhancing ketosis. Your site froze and when I refreshed the page, I didn’t notice that the url in the address bar had changed.

Now that you have changed your views on ketosis, carbs etc, are you going to update some of your old blog posts?

Cheers, Nige."

The reply that I received was rather unexpected and can be seen HERE. What the **** just happened? I emailed back.

"Hi Kurt,

Don’t believe me, then. Delete my reply on your blog if it’s that annoying to you. I have my style and you have yours.

You obviously haven’t read my blog post about GCBC where I wrote that I agree with 99% of what Gary has written, but it’s the 1% that I disagree with that I’m arguing about because it means that calories do count.

Yes, I update my old blog posts with updated information when I learn new stuff. Blogs aren’t books.

There have been plenty of insults slung from the other side on Gary’s blog. If you think that my posts show a sneering disrespect for Gary then that’s your problem, not mine. I’m glad to have been of help in something.

Nigel Kinbrum"

As I respect Dr Harris, I am extending an Olive branch (Damn! Why does it have to be a freakin' Olive branch?). Unfortunately I don't drink beer, so I'll raise a virtual glass of Californian Red instead. Cheers!