Friday, 11 May 2012

Good Health: You can get it if you really want.

You'll never guess!

Some people moan about their health problems a lot. If somebody tries my advice and their health doesn't improve, they are justified in moaning about it.

If however I give them advice, they ignore it and then carry on moaning, it's time to ignore them. I don't have time for...


LeonRover said...

". . . try & try & try & try . . . .
You'll succeed at last" ??

'At last' is close to Keynes' 'in the long run'

and most 'erudite bastards' - ta PragueSean - understand what happen in't long run.

Luv dis track

(Note: You can handle some resistance . . .)

LeonRover said...

PS I also used to listen a lot to my 12-inch "Best of the The James' Gang"