Thursday, 28 March 2013

Use and abuse of technology and energy.

Take a look at the picture below.
Samsung Galaxy S vs iPhone 4
Using technology and energy: Oil, ores, minerals and sand are turned into plastics, metals, ceramics and glasses. The latter cost and are worth more than the former. Using more technology and energy: Plastics, metals, ceramics and glasses are turned into smart-phones, computers, TV sets, cars, planes, musical instruments, w.h.y. The latter cost and are worth more than the former. Creating gizmos creates wealth and increases value.

Take a look at the picture below (hat-tip to Beth Mazur).
You know who is really leaning in? Little Debbie. We have enough crap to eat. Dial it back a little.

Using technology and energy: Produce are turned into crap-in-a-bag/box/bottle (CIAB). The latter cost more than the former but are worth less, as nutritional value has been reduced. Creating CIAB creates wealth but decreases value.

I would like there to be more production of gizmos and less production of CIAB.


Kade Storm said...

Oh, Nigel! Stop promoting food neurosis.[/sarcasm]

Nigel Kinbrum said...

You want a Little Debbie, don't you? ;-p

Rosso said...

Just yesterday I heard they are planning on excavating the moon for resources now.