Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Vitamin D! Read all about it!

A Facebook friend just wrote on my wall:-

"Been quite a lot written about Vitamin D in the Daily Papers. Looks like you are right."

I took a peek on Google News and saw these:-

Vitamin D better than Diet Drugs for mantaining a healthy weight

Vitamin D Stimulates Amyloid Clearance in Alzheimer's

Vitamin D may lower stroke risk

Scots mums-to-be deficient in “sunshine vitamin”

Recent Vitamin D advice isn't all that sunny

Vitamin D deficiency boosts risk of type 2 diabetes in pre-diabetes people

Get Your Vitamin D Fix

Vitamin D May Decrease Risk for Crohn's Disease

Vitamin D Boosts Lifespan

Vitamin D deficiency may increase risk of mortality in institutionalized elderly patients
Vit D deficiency causes grave diseases

Vitamin D May Boost Fluticasone's Allergic Rhinitis Effect

The People's Pharmacy: Get vitamin D without a sunburn

Vitamin D supplements may help you live longer: Study

Vitamin D deficiency causes grave diseases

Sunburnt country faces Vitamin D deficiency

Top up on sunshine and vitamin D, says charity

Staying out of the sun can wreck your health: How one in four Britons is worryingly low in vitamin D

Low levels of vitamin D can be harmful to your health

Vitamin D from the sun for arthritis

It's gone 4am here, so I'm off to bed now. G'night!

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