Sunday, 5 May 2013

Why do domestic cats eat grass?

From When My Cats Are Eating The Grass.
Keep off the grass!
Outdoor cats eat rodents & birds. Therefore, outdoor cats eat processed grains, seeds and nuts. Wait, WHAT?!?! Rodents & birds are grain, seed and nut-eaters, though some birds eat worms. Therefore, domestic cats are eating grains, seeds and nuts that have been chewed/pecked and swallowed i.e. processed grains, seeds and nuts.

This may be one reason why domestic cats chew grass - to get magnesium from the chlorophyll to "neutralise" the iron from the meat. Another reason is to vomit up indigestible parts of rodents & birds that the cat ate, including fur-balls. They might also be trying to get Folic acid.


Praguestepchild said...

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There's definitely a mechanism for cats being attracted grass or even houseplants. When my wife puts some boquet of flowers in a vase our cats go crazy, less than super stables vases don't survive the Darwinian winnowing imposed by their cat predators.

Nigel Kinbrum said...

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Praguestepchild said...

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George Henderson said...

My guess would be to pick up some sort of mirobiotal agent that cures a sore tummy. In my observations, the actual quantity of grass consumed by cats and dogs is minimal. In fact, they may just be using it as dental floss.

Diana Moon said...

Why do cats eat grass?

1. Because they've been watching too many movies about anorexic ballerinas ("thinsporation")

2. Because they like the taste.

3. Because they like the texture.

4. I've heard that it helps them break up fur that is deeper into the intestine (which can't be puked out) and facilitates them to poop out the fur.

5. Like everything else about cats, it's a mystery.

Nigel Kinbrum said...

'Cos...(wait for it!) Breaking up is so, very hard to do!
Welcome back to the mad-house, Diana.

Consider yourself Whitelisted!

Nigel Kinbrum said...

"In fact, they may just be using it as dental floss."
That's put an image into my brain that I can't remove.

It only takes a tiny amount of chlorophyll to "neutralise" the damage caused by haem iron. 1 tablespoonful of greens for a human is equivalent to a fraction of a teaspoonful for a moggie.

Renaud Gombert said...

Because grass can't run away when the cat need a snack, but feel lazy.

Somewone, please, tell them about antinutrients in "non escaping" food ;-)

Nigel Kinbrum said...