Saturday, 13 July 2013

Bursting from the seams: "Obese adipocytes" literally "explode" and leave a nasty inflammatory mess.

I just read a Public post on Facebook from someone I follow and whose blog is in my list.
It contained a word that I've never seen before, but would like to see more often - Pyroptosis
See Obese adipocytes show ultrastructural features of stressed cells and die of pyroptosis.

Adipocytes dying, huh? You know what that means? Loss of body-fat. Unfortunately, there is an issue with the nasty inflammatory mess left, after adipocytes "explode". This limits the rate at which adipocytes can be "exploded".

See also SuppVersity Cellulite Special: The Etiology of Cellulite, Genetical and Behavioural Risk Factors? Physical and Supplemental Treatment Strategies & Their Efficacy. Warning! Not Safe For Work, due to pictures of naked botties.


Galina L. said...

Nige, I tried laser contouring out of curiosity while being in Russia, it was my mom's present. Couple inches were gone after 9 procedures from my middle-section as a result. I am naturally pear-shaped, but after 50 my middle got somewhat softer. Nice procedure, probably worth doing once a year .

Nigel Kinbrum said...

Hi Galina,
That was your first post using the new Disqus system, so I had to approve it manually (I just got home after a jam session). You're whitelisted now.

Galina L. said...

Your blog wanted me to use a password unless I claimed to be a guest. I usually avoid blogs which use Disqus .
I wonder, how many people are doing such laser treatments? It gives results, especially if one is not covered with rolls of fat. I left comments about my experience on several blogs. Laser cavitation indeed moves a person from a weight-loss plateau. I don't think I will be doing laser treatment a lot because it is not for free and I am not in a bad shape, but it gives me a hope to fight unwanted fat when I get older and diets would get less effective.
The clinic in Moscow also offered fat-dissolving injections , but it sounded too extreme for me to try. I have multiple allergies.

Nigel Kinbrum said...

Your email address is whitelisted. That seems to work O.K. with you as a guest.

Laser treatment seems to allow spot body-fat reduction, which is good. What I don't know is if it permanently reduces body-fat storage capacity. If someone over-eats and runs out of body-fat storage capacity, they become type 2 diabetic.

I think that a little laser reduction is O.K. I think that a lot of liposuction probably isn't.