Thursday, 11 July 2013

Diet, Nutrition & Fitness: Whatever the question, the right answer is "It all depends".

The carbohydrate pendulum keeps on swinging! Bloggers keep on fighting!
Carbohydrates are good. No, they're bad. Wait, they're good again. Nope, bad again. Good again. Aargh!
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So, are carbohydrates good or bad? See the title. Gluten? See the title.

As Everyone is Different, whether "X" is good, bad or indifferent all depends on genes (including gender), the expression of those genes, environment (i.e. birth weight, exposure to pollutants in the womb & after birth), general diet (i.e. nutrients, anutrients & anti-nutrients), lifestyle (i.e. sunlight exposure, stress, sleep etc) and type, level & volume of activity.

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Katy1493 said...

Yeah, it all depends.. XD I think it all depends on your will and desire to be healthy and slim! You can stop finding execuses and spend time on you! Personally I don't count calories, I just try to eat more protein and less fat and carbs. It's easy for me to refuse from fast food, junk food, you know, I don't like it at all, as I realize that these are unnecessary calories. I'd rather eat some fruits, berries or some natural products as baked fish or meat. =) I use one service that contains a lot of informative articles about healthy way of living and fatloss tips or how to avoid weight gain. But I can't refuse sweets - chocolate, muffins with creme, ice-creme and that is my problem. =(