Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Weird filters, Part 2.

Here's that weird picture again.
Why is it that some people see the world through weird cognitive bias filters? It makes discussion with them impossible, as what I write is remixed with weird filters into something completely different. They then argue against something completely different, not what I wrote. This is the classic Straw Man argument.

Here are some more examples of remixing with weird filters:-

"I can eat whatever I want" is remixed into "I can eat as much as I want". I actually meant "there are no banned foods".

"Inject some insulin" is remixed into "Shoot-up insulin to cover the 400g of carbs that I never even mentioned!"

To all intents & purposes, I had T2DM. Another 0.2mmol/L on my fasting serum glucose and I would have been diagnosed as having T2DM. As my fasting serum glucose was slowly increasing, it would have soon gone over 7.0mmol/L, had I not got lucky and fixed the underlying problem.

In January 2003, I had impaired Glucose Tolerance (fasting serum glucose = 6.8mmol/L on one OGTT, and 2 hours post-75g glucose load serum glucose = 8.7mmol/L on another OGTT). A sandwich used to send me to sleep.

By September 2008, I had normal Glucose Tolerance (fasting serum glucose = 5.0mmol/L & 2 hours post-75g glucose load serum glucose = 3.7mmol/L on the same OGTT). I also no longer suffered from hyperinsulinaemic drowsiness. I was approximately the same weight that I was in 2003, so the improvement was not due to weight loss.

P.S. Information about ways to tackle Insulin Resistance can be found in Insulin Resistance: Solutions to problems.

N.B. If someone has a valid medical reason for being on a very-low-carb or ketogenic diet, that's fine by me. I don't think that it's necessary for people with T2DM to be on a very-low-carb or ketogenic diet. In fact, eating more carbohydrate allowed Jason Sandeman to reduce his insulin dose for good BG control.

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