Tuesday, 18 January 2011


I've found that allowing myself a small treat when I go for a walk makes the walk that much more enjoyable, even if it's freezing cold, pouring with rain and/or blowing gale-force winds.

While walking in Henley-on-Thames during mum's lunch break, I scrumped some Asian pears off a tree growing on the other side of a fence with razor wire on top. Here's one I nicked earlier! :-D

While walking in Yateley today, I scrumped some Crabapples. They were well bletted by the frosts and tasted delicious, if slightly mushy in texture.

On a later walk today, I bought a Co-op 100g "Truly Irresistible" Christmas pudding. It must have been quite resistible as it had been reduced in price from 44p to 29p.

You may have noticed that a lot of my blog post titles contain song lyrics or song titles. I have a musical bent and I enjoy singing karaoke. I had a great time last Sunday down at the Cherry Picker in Slough as it was Julie (the presenter)'s birthday. We sang "The Time of my Life" and another song. Here's Julie & me in February 2009 at The Woodcutters in Bracknell doing that song. It's a bit dark & noisy in there!


chmeee said...

Scrumping ? I remember that ! Great fun, many many years ago. Usually for apples and gooseberries. Not that we ate them - or many of them. Usually we ended up throwing them. Typically at each other. ( It's the stealing them that appealed I suppose.... But who cares why ! )

Anybody that buys - and worse, eats - Christmas pudding - gets what they deserve in my opinion.:)

Nigel Kinbrum said...

Hi chmeee.

I always eat what I scrump!

RE The Christmas pud: It was only a small one and I got my just desserts. ;-p