Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Wheat? Oh, dear!

Someone on the BBC Healthy eating food board recently asked about gut problems brought on by eating wheat so I decided to have a rummage through some of the blogs that I read, searching for "wheat". This is what I found. Updating this post may be a never-ending task!

The Heart Scan Blog:
Are you a skinny fat person? , Blood pressure with exercise , Low-fat diets raise triglycerides , American Heart Association stamp of approval , The wheat-free life , Wheat belly , Oat vs. wheat , Sugar for breakfast , Niacin and blood sugar , When niacin doesn't work , Wacky statin effects , Success--Slow but sure , Wheat-free and weight loss , The small LDL epidemic , Wheat and the hunger factor , Niacin vs. low-carb weight loss , Appetite stimulants , The many faces of LDL , Triglyceride traps , No-flush niacin kills , Low-carb eating for diabetes , Wheat-free is not gluten-free , "I gained 30 lbs from one cracker" , Wheat addiction: 140 lbs lost , Wheat withdrawal , "I lost 30 lbs and my triglycerides went . . . up?" , Vitamin D and HDL , Triglycerides divided by five , What's worse than sugar? , Are you wheat-free? , Wheat withdrawal: How common? , Quieting the insulin storm , Nutritional approaches: Large vs. small LDL , Can CRP be reduced? , The Wheat Deficiency Syndrome , Flush-free niacin kills , Flat tummy . . . or, Why your dietitian is fat , Thiazide diuretics: Treatment of choice for high blood pressure? , How to Give Yourself Hashimoto's Thyroiditis: 101 , CIS: Carbohydrate intolerance syndrome , Dr. Michael Eades on the Paleolithic diet , Wheat hell , Can millet make you diabetic? , Wheat Belly Revisited , Cholesterol effects of carbohydrates , Blast small LDL to oblivion , "Hey buddy, wanna buy some exorphins?" , Triglyceride Buster-Update , The statin-free life , Goodbye, fructose , Who lost weight? , Weight loss and vitamin D , Why obese people can't fast , Unexpected effects of a wheat-free diet , Name that food , Why does fish oil reduce triglycerides? , The disastrous results of a low-fat diet , The Paleo approach to meal frequency , Track Your Plaque challenges , Small LDL: Perfect index of carbohydrate intake , This is your brain on wheat , To track small LDL, track blood sugar , If you take niacin, you must exercise , A wheat-free 2010 , De Novo Lipo-what? , Look like Jimmy Stewart , To get low-carb right, you need to check blood sugars , More on blood sugar , Diabetes from fruit , Blood sugar: Fasting vs. postprandial , Is glycemic index irrelevant? , Saturated fat and large LDL , Genetic vs. lifestyle small LDL , "I dream about bread" , Psssst . . . There's sugar in there , Timing of blood sugars , Fat Head, Wheat belly, and the Adventures of Ancel Keys , Normal fasting glucose with high HbA1c , Slash carbs . . . What happens? , LDL glycation , Rerun: To let low-carb right, you must check POSTPRANDIAL blood sugars , What to Eat: The diet is defined by small LDL , Small LDL: Simple vs. complex carbohydrates , Man walks after removing wheat , Glycemic gobbledygook , Blame the gluten? , Emmer, einkorn, and agribusiness , Super-carbohydrate , In search of wheat , Low-carb gynecologist , Ezekiel said what? , In search of wheat: We bake einkorn bread , In search of wheat: Einkorn and blood sugar , Wheat aftermath , In search of wheat: Another einkorn experience , In search of wheat: Emmer , Life without Lipitor , How to have a heart attack in 10 easy steps , To lose weight, prick your finger , Carbohydrate-LDL double whammy , China fiction? , What increases blood sugar more than wheat? , LDL pattern B , This is your brain on wheat II , Men's lingerie is on the second floor , Wheat hip , What's for breakfast? , Extreme carbohydrate intolerance , Homegrown osteoporosis prevention and reversal , Can I stop my Coumadin? , Surviving a widow maker , Let go of my love handles , Human foie gras , Bosom buddies , Noodles without the headaches , Einkorn now in Whole Foods , The Anti-AGEing Diet , New Track Your Plaque record! , Dwarf mutant wheat , Can I see your linea alba? , Why do morphine-blocking drugs make you lose weight? , Why does wheat cause arthritis? , Statin buster? , Wheat one-liners , Put lipstick on a dwarf , Wheat-free pie crust , Do your part to save on healthcare costs , Wheat-free pumpkin bread , The two kinds of small LDL , I lost 37 lbs with a fingerstick , Genetic incompatibility , Is einkorn the answer? , A glycation rock and a hard place , No more cookies , High blood pressure vanquished , Thirteen catheterizations later , The five most powerful heart disease prevention strategies , Heroin, Oxycontin, and a whole wheat bagel , What do Salmonella, E coli, and bread have in common? , Diarrhea, asthma, arthritis--What is your wheat re-exposure syndrome? , The perfect Frankengrain , Diarrhea, runny noses, and rage: Poll results , Why is type 1 diabetes on the rise? , Construct your glucose curve , 90% small LDL: Good news, bad news , Be gluten-free without "gluten-free" , Wheat brain , Don’t wet yourself , Have some more , Bet you can’t fast , and so on...
Do you get the impression that Dr Davis really has it in for wheat?
EDIT: Now that Dr Davis has changed the site's url, most of the above links no longer take you to the right place. I'm not updating them!

Dr John Briffa's Blog:
Understanding Food Cravings , Dealing With Childhood Ear Infections , Does Fibre Protect Us From Colon Cancer? , Natural cures for migraine , Natural approaches to asthma , Natural approaches to eczema , Dietary approaches to autism , Why a lot of breakfast fodder are nothing but cereal killers , Why eating a grain-based diet will do nothing for your ‘vitality’ , Natural approaches to arthritis , Avoiding certain foods can really help the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) , Could vinegar actually reduce the tendency of certain foods to cause weight gain? , Practical advice for those wanting to construct healthy lunchboxes for their kids , Older dads at risk of fathering autistic children – and the diet that can help those affected by this condition , Jamie Oliver calls parents “tossers” for putting sh*t in their kids’ lunchboxes. Do healthy packed lunch options exist? , Are wholegrain breakfast cereals really good for the heart? , Men with migraine found to be at increased risk of heart attack , What really causes irritable bowel syndrome? , Health professionals ignore their patients at their, and their patients’, peril , Probiotics found to be helpful for sufferers of IBS , Peppermint oil comes out top in review of treatments for IBS , BMJ letter reminds doctors of limitations of science and the importance of clinical experience , Just because someone doesn’t have coeliac disease, doesn’t mean they don’t have a problem with gluten , Can wheat cause diabetes? , What is food combining good for? , Rye bread helps relieve constipation, and other tips for bowel regularity , Gluten and milk linked with constipation in kids , My advice for those looking to have an energised and productive afternoon , ‘Food for Thought’ – nutritional advice for those preparing for and taking exams , Why we can’t rely on epidemiological evidence , Think bran is good for the bowels? Think again , Antiobiotic found to relieve IBS, and what might work better , New study shows that it’s possible to react to gluten but not have coeliac disease
Ditto for Dr Briffa.

PāNu Weblog:
6s and 3s and the logic of grain avoidance , The Argument Against Cereal Grains , 1) Eliminate sugar and refined carbohydrates like white flour. , Where are all the healthy whole grains? , Avoid Poison or Neutralize It? , The argument against cereal grains II , 12 Steps update Mar 2010 , The China Study - Polish a turd and find a diamond? , Statins and the Cholesterol Hypothesis – Part I , N = 1? , More N = 1 , FODMAPs , No Such thing as a macronutrient part II - Carbohydrates (revised) , Thoughts on Ketosis - I , William Munny eats his vegetables , Polyphenol Hormesis follow-up ,
Ditto for Dr Harris.

Whole Health Source:
Ischemic Heart Attacks: Disease of Civilization , Paleolithic Diet Clinical Trials Part IV , Dr. Rosedale Replies , The Body Fat Setpoint, Part IV: Changing the Setpoint , Interesting Articles in the AJCN , Grains as Food: an Update , Traditional Preparation Methods Improve Grains' Nutritive Value , Fermented Grain Recipes from Around the World , China Study Problems of Interpretation , Real Food XI: Sourdough Buckwheat Crepes , Can a Statin Neutralize the Cardiovascular Risk of Unhealthy Dietary Choices? , Dr. Mellanby's Tooth Decay Reversal Diet , Paleolithic Diet Clinical Trials, Part V , Eating Wheat Gluten Causes Symptoms in Some People Who Don't Have Celiac Disease , Blinded Wheat Challenge , Assorted Thoughts About the 2010 Dietary Guidelines , My Gluten-Free January , Gluten-Free January Survey Data, Part II: Health Effects of a Gluten-Free Diet

Food Pyramids, food and pyramids , Heroin and IBS , Niacin and adrenochrome , How toxic is wheat? , Gluten ataxia , Essential fatty acids are essential , Wheat and lactose , Casein vs gluten , Wheat and lactose and Cordain , Fiber, inulin and cancer , Gluten and rheumatoid arthritis , Weight loss; when it's hard , Casein, gluten and gastric pH , Gluten: Does coeliac disease require an infection? , Wheat Germ Agglutinin; how little is enough? , Wheat and lactase

Cooling Inflammation:
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Raw Food SOS:
The China Study, Wheat, and Heart Disease; Oh My!

Perfect Health Diet:
Category Archives: Autoimmune

The above makes my criticisms of over-refined wheat products seem rather tame. See also The problem with "Whole Grain" cereals etc , I am NOT the anti-carb! and Anthony Colpo's The Whole Grain Scam.

From Ataxia, peripheral neuropathy, and anti-gliadin antibody. Guilt by association?

"However, anti-gliadin antibodies lack disease specificity being found in 10% of healthy blood donors."

10% of the population that are healthy enough to donate blood have gut walls permeable enough to let fragments of gliadin pass through. Hmmm. If fragments of gliadin can pass through, maybe fragments of other hard-to-digest proteins can, too (e.g. casein).


Steve Cooksey, Diabetes Warrior said...

Thank you very much for this compilation!!!

Nigel Kinbrum said...

Hi Steve.

As you've probably noticed by now, when I'm lacking in inspiration for something to blog about, I start rummaging through PubMed, The Cochrane Library or other people's blogs.

As Dr Davis regularly mentions removing wheat in his posts, I think that I may have given myself an endless task!


Anne said...

Thanks for putting this together.

Another doctor blog I like is Dr. T. He has mentions wheat a few times. http://nephropal.blogspot.com/search/label/wheat He says he owes it to Dr. Davis who opened his eyes to the toxic effects of wheat and grains.

Nigel Kinbrum said...

Hi Anne.

I regularly read Dr T's blog. If he hasn't mentioned wheat too many times, I'll add links to his wheat posts.


Wati said...

Hello, I've been reading your blog after clicking a link on Dr. A's (ex)blog ( I miss her!).

I used to demonise wheat and grains, but after reading an article by Sally Fallon and Mary G Enig, wheat CAN be eaten safely IF prepared properly first. The key is in the soaking or fermenting, to get rid of the phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors present in all grains, beans, nuts, seeds and legumes. Perhaps you knew this already but here's the article anyway:

I don't demonise wheat so much now knowing that eating wheat can be part of a healthy lifestyle, if prepared correctly as written by the authors.

Cheers, and thank you for the links on wheat!

Nigel Kinbrum said...

Hi Wati.

I'm familiar with the Weston A Price site (it was rearranged recently so I had to redo all my links to it). Grains can be safely consumed by active folks once the nasties have been neutralised. Sedentary folks are still better-off minimising their carbohydrate intake.

Cheers, Nige.

lightcan said...

Hi Nige,

good luck with soaking grains and then grinding them, and making your own bread. I don't think that has anything to do with gluten though and WGA.

Have you heard anything of dr. A?

Nigel Kinbrum said...

Hi lightcan.

If done properly and with the right materials (see the article Wati referred to), the level of anti-nutrients can be significantly reduced, though not completely eliminated (otherwise people with Coeliac Disease would be able to eat sourdough breads). Ironically, I don't get any gut problems from eating Burgen Soya & Linseed bread, though I do know people who have problems with gluten.

It looks like Dr. A is gone for good. I hoped that if she had been shut down for legal reasons, she might have left a comment on someone's blog.

Have you got your low FT3 sorted out yet?


Steve Cooksey, Diabetes Warrior said...

Hello Nigel,

Hope this comment finds you and yours well sir.

Just letting you know that I shared this post again. :) Thanks for the compilation sir.


Nigel Kinbrum said...

Hi Steve.

I'm doing O.K.
Dr Davis keeps posting about wheat, so I keep updating this blog!


Anonymous said...

What a labor of love. Thank you very much for this compilation.

Dr. Emily Dean's blog, Evolutionary Psychiatry, is good, too.

And, of course, Peter Dobromylskyj's, Hyperlipid.

Anonymous said...

I apologize. You already have Hyperlipid on your list. I scrolled too quickly.

Nigel Kinbrum said...

Hi H. I think that it's more a labour of nerdishness. ;-D