Wednesday, 29 February 2012

How care homes are blinding their residents.

Now that I have your full attention (!), care & nursing homes are not blinding them in the conventional sense. What's in the picture below?

I haven't the foggiest idea! I found the image using Google Image search and it's called blurry-1.jpg.

This is what the world looks like to residents who have either not been given their glasses, or who have been given their glasses but the lenses are filthy.

Mum's lenses were filthy this morning. I've written it in the book and informed the manager. Another lady has been at the home for ages and still doesn't have glasses, despite asking for them repeatedly. Her relatives didn't supply the home with any. This sort of thing makes me so mad!

Mum pays ~£1,000 a week to stay at this care home. It's well-run, but on mum's floor (severely disabled) during the day, there are 4 carers + 1 nurse for 18 residents. It takes 2 carers to bath or toilet a resident (my sister damaged her back and had to take early retirement, as there were no health & safety guidelines for lifting in her day) and there is a lot of paperwork.

EDIT: The care home is arranging for the lady whose relatives didn't supply the home with any glasses to get some, so it's not all bad news.


praguestepchild said...

A thousand pounds a week is a frickin' lot of money. I'd expect to have everything polished for that price. This is a private facility that you pay for directly? Cause I'm sniffing government subsidized incompetence. Heh, we are back to this old argument.

Nigel Kinbrum said...

It's privately-run and my mum pays (via me) from her investments. Council-run homes (that my sister worked in) have been mostly closed to save money for the tax-payers.

I'm going out now for some live music fun.