Friday, 9 March 2012

Get in! Parts 2 & 3.

In Get in!, I described how I persuaded mum's GP to let mum have Vitamin D3 5,000iu/day.


Today, I persuaded mum's GP to let mum have Epsom Salts 2.5g/day (provided by me) dissolved in fruit juice and Seven Seas Fish Oil 10ml/day (provided by me). There's only one possible reaction:-

P.S. The doctor didn't even ask for supporting evidence. He just said "Yeah, other relatives do that. No problem. He just wanted to check for contraindications, which is fine by me. I have plans to ask him to allow mum to have one more supplement that may help her bones & brain. Any ideas as to what that might be, O.K.?

P.P.S. Another lady that's been at the care home since day one died Wednesday night/Thursday morning. She died from terminal cancer, but she had been physically crippled by Parkinson's Disease. R.I.P.


Jenna said...

Do you not have any concerns regarding fish oil supplements being rancid? I stopped taking any after reading stuff of PHD outline/blog comments, making statements about trouble of rancidity. Would be good to see you opinions on this. Thanks.

Nigel Kinbrum said...

Hi Jenna,

Fish oil in a bottle is safe, as any rancidity makes the stuff taste utterly vile.

Capsules are different. You don't know what condition the contents of a capsule are in.

So, where fish oil is concerned, it's bottles For The Win! Fish oil in bottles is also cheaper than in capsules.

Cheers, Nige

Marie Curious said...

What about Krill capsules? I like them for the high omega-3 and haven't had any fishy burps :-) but don't know about rancidity. Any thoughts? Any less likely to go rancid, do you think?

Nigel Kinbrum said...

Hi Marie and welcome!

Mum chews all pills and capsules even when told to swallow them, so liquid is best.

Cheers, Nige