Sunday, 4 June 2017

I'm Mackerel-powered, lol!

I was eating one can/day of Tesco Mackerel in Curry, Mexican, Thai Green & Sweet Chilli sauces:-

Mackerel is very high in the long-chain omega 3 polyunsaturates EPA & DHA. It also has a strong flavour, so I get it in strongly-flavoured spicy sauces. It goes nicely with a can of Tesco Everyday Value Sweetcorn 325G

One Sunday night, I got home from the Ploughdium jam and felt hungry, so I had another can of Mackerel bringing the total to two cans that day.

The next day, I was walking to Short & Sweet coffee shop for my brunch, when I noticed that I'd lost something - the pain in my right hip! The second can had raised my intake of Mackerel-sourced omega-3 fats from an average of 3.5g to 7g! Omega-3 fats are anti-inflammatory.

I started eating two cans/day of Mackerel, to maintain the higher intake. Then I noticed my mood gradually rising...and rising...and rising.

I'm now permanently somewhat hyperthymic. See Omega-3 fatty acids and major depression: A primer for the mental health professional.

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