Thursday, 3 February 2011

Move More: Solutions to problems.

Continued from Eat Less, Move More: Solutions to problems.

Firstly, here's "On the rebound" by Floyd Cramer. This was a hit in 1961 and it was recently used in a Sainsbury's "Taste the Difference" advert on TV.

Move More: Problems and their solutions:

1) Exercise makes me eat too much afterwards. Wrap up warm before you go outdoors, as feeling cold stimulates appetite.

2) Exercise is boring. Take a camera with you when you go for a walk. Look around. There's lots of interesting stuff out there that you don't normally notice*. Vary your route so that you see new things each time. Zumba is fun!

3) It's too cold/wet/windy etc. Dress appropriately. Have a small treat when you get back, so that you have something to look forward to.

4) I hate doing "x". Don't do "x", then. Things that I will not do are swimming & team sports (really bad memories from school-days). I also won't do anything faster than a power walk (being 72" tall with 31" legs makes any exercise involving my feet hitting the ground uncomfortable and hard on my joints).

5) I don't have the time. Neither do I. I'm now on-line less than I used to be. I'm sure I'll survive!

*I spotted a large photovoltaic solar panel on the roof of a house the other day. I knocked on the door and asked the occupants about it. Apparently, you get about 1kW from 10 square metres of panel and the Electricity supplier pays you about 43p for every kWh you generate. A 35 square metre system costs about £20,000.

When I realised that I had to get some exercise, it was a blow. Any news that is bad & inevitable takes some getting used to. See Kübler-Ross model. I have now accepted it.

Here's a school photo from when I was about 10.

Can you guess which one's me?

Any more problems & solutions that I haven't thought of?


Galina L. said...

I think yo are standing next to your teacher. Hard to say.
You are right to be concern about joints, I have to abstain from jumping during Zumba now, all that exercise during years of "exercise more" time took its toll.
Did you consider an elliptic trainer? Very easy on joins . All machines are boring, but you may try it in combination with audio books.

It is strange that you are having a hunger problem on low-carbs. I think if you try IF, it will help with the general level of hanger.
Looks like the public is safe right now from being exposed to your shirtless picture with armpits in a full display. Thank God!
I was glad to know that your mom is positively reacting on the ketogenic diet! Is she the only patient doing it? What staff people are saying?

Galina L.

Nigel Kinbrum said...

Hi Galina,

Wrong! That's Simon Shindler. Here's a clue: When I was 18 years old, I was only 4 feet 9 inches tall.

If you carry most of your weight in your body as I do, hitting the ground at speed is very bad for knee & hip joints. Women tend to have longer legs & shorter bodies than men, so they're better suited to jogging & running than men.

I have a rowing machine and a pair of dumbells at home, so I may dust them off. However, I'm enjoying doing what I'm currently doing despite the wind and the rain.

The hunger problem was caused by AMPk (Adenosine MonoPhosphate kinase), the level of which increased during low-intensity exercise, but stimulated my appetite via its effect on my brain. It's no longer a problem now that I have a snack before exercising.

I will save the shirtless picture for when I have a full 6-pack. It may take some time!

I can only influence my own mother's diet. I'm hoping that relatives of other residents will notice the positive effects and ask me what I did.


wheelchairs said...

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Nigel Kinbrum said...

Hi wheelchairs,

Thank you! My colour scheme probably doesn't suit everybody, but I try to make it as easy on the eyes as possible.


chmeee said...

1. All exercise is good, but…. Light exercise is ok, moderate is even better but most benefit is from vigorous exercise. Do the most vigorous exercise you can. Sad but true
2. Exercise is incredibly boring for the most part. To really depress yourself, just think of the infinite numbers of ‘you’ there are in the universe who are also almost terminally bored exercising. Then cheer yourself up and think of the ( also infinite ) numbers of you who thought ‘Ah sod it’ and opened another beer whilst lying on the sofa.
3. I’m also sorry to tell you that no, sex does not count as exercise - for those of you that thought of trying this ruse on your good lady. How many calories do you think you will burn in five seconds ? And she KNOWS this…… ( Trust me ! They ALL do. Damn it….)
4. Exercise will not make you lose weight, no matter how much you can feasibly walk or run; which if you have to go to work will not be a lot and even if you don’t probably won’t be either. Unless you live in the Arctic I suppose.
5. I only allow myself a beer after exercise – it’s an excellent way of rehydrating of course as well as being a good motivation. Except on Fridays after a week at work – I deserve it then, regardless of whether I've exercised. And days of the week that end in a ‘Y’, obviously.
6. One of the best things to do while exercising is to think of Sex. Think hard enough (sorry !) and you won’t notice the miles ( or whatever ) flying by. And when you finish, console yourself with the thought that since you weren’t going to get any anyway, it’s just as well you’re too knackered to. It’s a hard life. (Sorry again !)
7. Whoever invented the cross trainer should be taken out and shot. Obviously, it was some demented and sadistic Scandinavian who wanted to show up people from other countries for the uncoordinated slobs that they are. In my experience, you spend more time trying to get going than actually exercising.
8. For those that agonise over the relative amounts of cardio and resistance exercise they should do, lighten up. For most people, I think it really doesn’t matter. Either is good, so long as it gets you moving and your heart rate up. If this sort of issue bothers you, and you truly can’t decide, get a rowing machine, which will do both ( about 70% cardio, 30% resistance I gather ) simultaneously.
9. For those with little time / inclination / low boredom threshold or, like most of us, just plain lazy, HIIT is excellent. It seems just 20 minutes twice a week will improve all sorts of bio-markers. But what a 20 minutes…….
10. I think I need a rest now. And a beer – it’s Friday ! 

Nigel Kinbrum said...

Cheers! *burp*

chmeee said...

Cheers indeed ! I'm on my third ( or is it fifth ? Who cares... ) drink. Hope you liked yours. And the post.

montmorency said...

Cycling is a good alternative or addition to walking. You can go further, quicker, and therefore see a wider variety of places, so you are much less likely to get bored.

I cycle for fun, for shopping, and used to cycle to work. I'm lucky that there are lots of relatively quiet, attractive country roads not far from where I am, although I'm used to cycling in traffic as well.

People who don't cycle may not realise that you use your arms and shoulders, as well as stomach muscles quite a bit, not just your legs, especially when pulling up a hill, and especially on drop-handlebars (using the flat section), so it can be quite a good work out. More fun than a sweaty gym, in my humble opinion.

I find I do my best thinking on a bike as well, for some reason, on relatively quiet roads, obviously.

I think walking is great too though. What we were designed for. OK, what we evolved to do, rather.

Mike Ellwood

p.s. appreciate the fact that your word recognition scheme is sensible. Some of them are just plain silly!