Thursday, 24 February 2011

Mum's Proposed Ketogenic Diet for Dementia.

The following diet is not intended to induce deep ketosis. It's intended to be a trade-off between ketosis, palatability & simplicity.

Feedback from the nurse on duty:- "Eggs shouldn't be in the "unlimited" list. You're not supposed to eat more than two eggs a week because of the cholesterol". God Bless the NHS! The British Heart Foundation doesn't impose a restriction on egg consumption.

Eggs can be eaten as part of a balanced diet.

Mum's currently eating two eggs a day in her cooked breakfasts.

Effect of dietary egg on human serum cholesterol and triglycerides.

Old people have the lowest mortality when their serum cholesterol is higher than average.

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Paul Jaminet has done a series on ketogenic diets.
Ketogenic Diets, I: Ways to Make a Diet Ketogenic
Ketogenic Diets 2: Preventing Muscle and Bone Loss on Ketogenic Diets

Also: See Branched chain amino acids as adjunctive therapy to ketogenic diet in epilepsy: pilot study and hypothesis.


Galina L. said...

I hope they got some blood tests results from the before-ketodenic-diet time. It would be fun to compare results in 3 - 6 monts

Nigel Kinbrum said...

The last time mum had her total cholesterol tested was years ago and the result then was approx 5mmol/L (193.5mg/dL).

She's lost a lot of weight since then due to muscle wastage, but the walking should re-build some of it.

Galina L. said...

I forgot to say - Wonderful post! I really enjoyed the links.
Your list of limited or slightly limited foods left me slightly worried. Too much depends on interpretation.It is a good progress, of course. I think you will have to make some corrections in a future.(I suspect yogurts and puddings may be a problem, fruits often come in sweetened form ...) Learning curves are unavoidable in life.

Nigel Kinbrum said...

I supply mum with fresh fruit, double cream & yoghurt with cream & coconut and the home also provides fresh fruit. As some of the residents have diabetes, all of the desserts prepared by the chef are artificially sweetened.

I will tweak the list as I gain experience in its use. I left out peas, beans & lentils. I think that they should be in the "in moderation" group.

As protein foods are naturally expensive, they are naturally supplied in moderation.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nigel

I sincerely wish your mum the best. Dementia is a horrible disease.

I hope it is very stable.

My Best Wishes,


Nigel Kinbrum said...

Dear Razwell,

Thank you. Mum's condition is stable at the moment. When her serum Vitamin D level is raised from 98nmol/L to 125nmol/L (divide by 2.5 to convert to ng/mL), I'm hoping for some improvement.

Cheers, Nige.

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