Sunday, 17 April 2011

No System Sounds on XP? Buttons greyed-out?

Kerrie "did something" to her fiancée's lap-top resulting in the loss of all Windows System sounds, also all sound using Firefox, though iTunes & RealPlayer produced sound just fine.

On Start >> Settings >> Control Panel >> Sounds, the Play button for System sounds was greyed-out. The record & play buttons on Sound Recorder were also greyed-out.

After many hours of unsuccessful tinkering, the problem was eventually solved HERE.

K-Lite Codec Pack 7.1.0 STANDARD version also contains a very nice Media Player.


lightcan said...

Hi Nige!

Did you go to the conferences?
Interesting about vit d and colorectal cancer.

My mother just had a resection of her colon after a colonoscopy. (in Romania, last Monday) They didn't even want to wait for the result from the analysis (cytology?) and they operated but a week later it was clear that it was malign or that's what I understood. The thing is that my father doesn't want me asking questions and making my mother worry because she needs to believe that the doctors are doing their best, and it is going to be enough. At this stage I don't trust them, but I can't do anything anyway. She's coming out on Monday. I don't know when they're going to start chemo. It's killing me that she has to go through it and she is an obese and blind diabetic. Weak and scared, and only 68.
Why did she get cancer? It might be the hyperglycemia.
She should be on a fiber free diet for a while as her colon was cut off and her GI tract was off for days when she was on a liquid diet and glucose/insulin drop and they're giving her brown bread! She had uncontrollable diarrhea for days after the operation (no wonder with that food and the antibiotics) and she couldn't keep down any food either, so she was in bits. Did anybody tell her what to expect? No.
She is getting better.
I can totally empathise with you and your sadness seeing your mom unwell.

Nigel Kinbrum said...

Hi Simona,

Due to personal problems, I didn't go to any of the May conferences.

I'm sorry to hear about your mum's health problems. Are you going to supply her with Vit D3 gel-caps? I think that sufficient D3 is necessary for all aspects of gut health. Both my mum and my sister have had polyps removed, but so far, I've had no gut problems. Here's hoping!

How are you? Long time, no chat.
Best, Nige.

lightcan said...

I hope your personal problems are not serious.
I don't know what was my mother's vit D status, but there is much more sunshine there than here. Supplementation over there is not so straightforward because they don't really have good products in pharmacies. When I was there I wanted to take fish oil in capsules but the ones I found had only 300 mg each and were very expensive. For me it wasn't a problem, but for them it might be. They don't want to listen to me and cook with olive oil instead of sunflower. They don't use a lot, but still.

Me, not great.
Are you following the latest debates on the main paleo blogs?

Nigel Kinbrum said...

My problems are making me a bit sad, but there's nothing that I can do about them. Life goes on...

Are Romanians anywhere near as sun-phobic as Australians (where rickets is making a comeback)? Could you buy gel-caps from iHerb and have them shipped to your mum?

Are you having the same problems as before?

I've noticed that Don Matesz is having some new thoughts about fats.

lightcan said...

I don't think Romanians are sun-phobic, but I don't live there and I don't have a clue what the trends are. My sister has too many moles and she was told not to expose her body to the sun. My parents have never stayed out of the sun, which doesn't mean that they get their necessary dose. My mother is obese, which we know, besides age is a factor in less manufacture of vit D and she is eating no fat. Summer is extremely hot and they don't go out around lunch if they can help it.
Funny, I was there last year in July. We walked with my father and my two children from a lake close to the edge of the town back home on the side of a road. We had to stay on that side because the traffic was heavy, all big trucks, no crossing. It lasted about 40 minutes, at about 2 p.m. At home I noticed I was red/brown on the upper arm that was exposed to the sun. Sometimes you can't do much to avoid burning or tanning. My father doesn't like to wear a hat and he's bald. Imagine his head.
Yeah, Don Matesz. What about Stephan's blog and Woo's comments?
I wish I had her knowledge and was able to understand my own health problems and those of my family better. She said low leptin after weight loss, in females, leads to poor T4 to T3 conversion. So she might know more than my 'clever' doctors.
Try not to focus on your sadness too much. You have a lot of freedom and independence and you're healthy-ish. How's your Zumba class going?
Is Dr. A still awol?

Nigel Kinbrum said...

Your mum may have low serum 25(OH)D, but without a blood test, it's impossible to know.

I saw ItsTheWooo2's comments on Stephan's blog. She was very overweight from a young age resulting in fat cell hyperplasia. Now that she's drastically reduced the size of her fat cells (but not their number), she's leptin-deficient. I don't think that applies to the general population, though.

Now that you are taking T3, have you noticed any...
Reduction in weight?
Increase in mood?
Reduction in LDL?

As for me, I've been feeling very weary recently. When the weather warmed up, it became too hot for me to do Zumba so I've stopped for the time being.

Dr A has not returned. I still don't know why she vanished suddenly.

coq10 said...

Loosing sounds and troubleshooting a pc is really troublesome but I admire your patience in finding out the solution on your own. By the way I love your blog, and keep posting insights and information here. Good Job!!!