Friday, 8 April 2011

Vitamin D Experts' Forum at the Wellcome Trust in London, England on Thursday 7 April 2011

I was there! See below.

The Vitamin D Association is running a major event in London designed to give an overview of the range of illnesses and treatments where Vitamin D is involved.

Speakers include Dr. Michael F. Holick, Dr. Reinhold Vieth, Dr. William B. Grant, Carole Baggerly, and Dr. David Grimes.

There will be ample time allocated to participate in open discussion about new treatment guidelines and protocols and to share your knowledge and clinical experiences.

The event is targeted at senior medical personnel, general practitioners, nutritionists, dieticians and other health care professionals.


08:30 Registration
09:30 Chairman’s opening remarks. Rufus Greenbaum (Vitamin D Project Manager, Systems Biology Laboratory)
09:35 Vitamin D: A D-lightful story for good health. Dr Michael F Holick
10:30 UK Overview – Statistics about Vitamin D in the UK. Rufus Greenbaum
10:45 Discussion
11:00 Break
11:15 The Impact of improving Vitamin D levels – health & financial outcomes. Dr William B Grant
11:45 Vitamin D & Cancer – current trials and evidence. Carole Baggerly
12:15 Discussion
12:30 Lunch
1:30 Public Policy on Vitamin D. Dr Oliver Gillie
2:00 Clinical experiences in a UK hospital. Dr David Grimes
2:30 Discussion
2:45 Break
3:00 Treatment & Toxicity – Benefits and dangers of supplementing with Vitamin D. Dr Reinhold Vieth
3:30 Discussion – All
4:30 Closing Remarks. Mike Fischer, Director, Systems Biology Laboratory

Here's a graphic from the Forum:-

What I found interesting is the fact that some medical conditions follow a J curve vs serum 25(OH)D level. This suggests that people may be suffering from deficiencies in some of the other fat-soluble vitamins (A, E's & K's) due to the modern fad for low-fat diets. Hypovitaminosis K2 results in inappropriate calcification at high serum 25(OH)D level, which increases the risk factor for Coronary Heart Disease.

Unfortunately, the fact that highish (greater-than 50nmol/L, or 20ng/mL) serum 25(OH)D levels can cause harm, results in continuing Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt about Vitamin D and "expert" (e.g. the US Institute Of Medicine) advice that 600iu/day is sufficient for optimum health. See 7th April 2011: Vitamin D - Experts' Forum for more info'.

Anyway, here's me and my God-daughter Kerrie getting some free Vitamin D on Wednesday evening!


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Watch for a few minutes for
"37. Evolutionary argument for target vitamin D level
38. Is vitamin D the new vitamin E?
39. Vitamin D and mortality may be a U-shaped curve
40. Vitamin D supplements may be necessary
41. The difficulty of arriving at a vitamin D recommendation
42. How the Institute of Medicine arrived at their vitamin D recommendation
43. Resolving the vitamin D-bate
44. Take vitamin D supplements with meals"


Scroll down for the rats: